Historical tour

ANTONIO NADAL S.A. was founded in 1898 by Antonio Nadal Muntaner, a manufacturer of Majorcan Spirits.

Around 1920, exports to South America began, and lasted until the beginning of the Spanish civil war.  After the end of this period, production resumed, as did local distribution and exports to South America.  The activity continued until the 1986, when the third generation of the NADAL Family sold the enterprise to the MOREY GARAU Family.

The new owners of ANTONIO NADAL S.A. had great faith in the product, and waged on the technological renovation of the manufacturing process, with the aim of rising market share and strengthening positioning.

When the business was bought in 1986, an average of 80.000 litres was produced per year.  By 2000, ANTONIO NADAL was producing 4 million litres of Spirits per year.

This controlled growth was made possible by a series of necessary changes starting in 1994, involving manufacturing processes and logistics, to increase productivity and competiveness.

The Exports Department was created in 1995, and was invoicing 600.000€ by 1999, and 1.5 million Euros by 2006, 14% of the total invoicing of the Company.  Constant exporting growth is one of the main goals of the company.

The investment policy in both industrial equipment and manpower has been growing in recent years, and is followed by steady expansion.   Until 1998 investments were proportionate to the production capacity of the original distillery in Bunyola.

In 1998 when it celebrated its centenary, ANTONIO NADAL SA, moved from its 1500 m² facilities in Bunyola to a new 12.000 m² plant nearer to Palma de Mallorca.  This move to more modern facilities enabled a sustained growth.

This expansion is due to the following factors:

– A growing demand for TUNEL DE MALLORCA herb liqueur.
– A growing product portfolio with a current 700 references.
– Greater and constant product innovation (product development, process improvement, new features, etc.).

Since then, the facilities are regularly being modernized with production and bottling machinery upgrades, new packaging designs, participation at international trade fairs, and the promotion of foreign and national trade.

Since 2003 the management system governing product manufacture at ANTONIO NADAL S.A. is ISO 9001:2000 certified.  Fulfilling ISO standards is fundamental to the company’s strategic focus on quality and they are prerequisites for entering foreign markets.