1. Palo Tonic

    5cl Palo Tunel

    1 Schweppes tonic

    In glass gin and tonic with ice and very flavored with lemon peel


  2. White Negroni

    Equal parts of Muntaner Blanco, Gin and Dry white wine
    Glass: Old fashion
    Fill up with ice, add ingredients and mix well. Decorate with a green olive and a twist of lemon


  3. Muntaner Tonic

    5cl Muntater Blanco & Tonic
    Glass: Balloon
    Rub inside of glass with lemon peel. Place ice and add other ingredients. Mix well


  4. Muntaner Straight

    Fill up a glass with Muntaner Rojo, add ice.
    Decorate with a green olive in a tooth pick


  5. Muntaner Splash

    5cl Muntaner Rojo, Ginger Ale & Lime
    Glass: High Ball
    Place ice, add ingredients and mix well. Add a touch of lime juice.
    Decorate with a twist of pink grapefruit and a slice of peeled ginger.


  6. Negroni Muntaner

    Equal parts of Campari, Gin and Muntaner Rojo
    Glass: Old fashion
    Fill up with ice, add ingredients and mix well. Decorate with a twist of orange.

  7. Shake-Passion

    Passion fruit is a sweet tropical fruit. It is recently that has been introduced as a coktail ingredient.

    Color : Orange with a yellow hint
    Taste : intense, tropical and citric
    Uses : teas, milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails, shoots


    3cl caimán maracuyá (Passion fruit)
    8cl cold coffe
    Crushed ice
    Place all ingredients in an electric blender


  8. Apple Spritz

    Apples are an important nourishment in cold climates, and it is probapbly the most grown tree. They last for a long time keeping all their nutritious qualities.
    Color: bright and transparent
    Taste: intense Apple, sweet and acid
    Uses: cocktails, shoots , punches…

    Apple spritz

    4cl Caimán manzana verde (Green Apple)
    5cl Rushkinoff manzana verde
    10cl Apple juice
    10cl cide
    2cl lime juice
    Place all ingredients in a balloon glass with lots of ice.